What is the history of infrared heat therapy?

Throughout history, infrared heat has been extensively investigated and applied. Thermal therapy can even be traced back to ancient civilizations, including the Finns, Romans, Indians, and the Chinese, who are the most well-known practitioners of infrared therapy today. In India, yogis have long been known to use infrared palm healing to relieve eye strain, among other ailments. More than 700,000 infrared thermal systems have been marketed in Asia alone. In Asia, Europe, and Austria, localised infrared treatment has been administered to more than 30 million patients.

Sir William Herschel, a British astronomer who lived in the late 1700s, began studying the planets and stars in earnest. At some point, he began to construct reflecting telescopes. While using coloured filters to observe sunlight passing through prisms in the 1800s, Herschel made the discovery of infrared by testing the individual temperatures of each colour and measuring the temperature just beyond the red portion of the spectrum, which was just beyond the red portion of the spectrum (where no sunlight was visible). During this process, he discovered that the temperature in the infrared zone was the highest of all. As a result, the discovery that there is light that we cannot see with our eyes and that infrared manifests itself as heat was made.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, an American physician, scientist, and proponent of holistic health therapies, founded what we would term a wellness centre shortly after Hershel’s discoveries were made public. The clinic emphasised diet, exercise, and holistic health care, among other things. Despite the fact that he was not the inventor, it was around this time that Dr. Kellogg began employing horizontal cabinets for his patients to sit in and submerge their bodies in heat in order to induce sweating and improve healing.

The FIT Bodywrap device, which delivers infrared therapy, has been the subject of considerable clinical research over the last few decades, which has established a wide range of possible wellness benefits. Dr. Aaron Flickstein, the Clinical Director of FIT Bodywrap, was responsible for a large portion of that research.