What is infrared?

IR heat is a type of heat that exists within the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a spectrum of light radiation that includes infrared heat. Radiation, to be sure! Radiation, on the other hand, is not always harmful! The term radiation simply refers to the release of energy in the form of moving waves or flowing particles, and it has no other meaning.

The radiation we absorb from the electromagnetic spectrum is regarded to be non-harmful and naturally occurring radiation by scientists. It covers everything from radio waves to ultraviolet rays, microwaves, and colour to name a few elements. This is a process that occurs in the natural world. The earth emits radiation, and as a result, all living organisms on the globe are exposed to this radiation.

Infrared light is a type of light that we cannot see but can feel as heat. Infrared energy can be found in your natural body heat, the heat from a campfire, and even the warmth we receive from the sun. Every day, we are exposed to modest amounts of this completely harmless and natural heat. Because our bodies also create infrared heat, infrared heat can be safely absorbed by the body.