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Infrared Body Wraps - FAQs

FIT body wraps

The FIT body wraps use far infrared to warm the body, and it does not heat up the surrounding areas. FIT body wrap sessions last up to 60 mins, and an individual can breathe in the room temperature while relaxing and enjoying the benefits.

Far infrared penetrates deeper into the dermis up to 1.5”, providing maximum benefits to the body. Cellulite reduction, weight loss, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, relaxation, etc., are some of the benefits provided by FIT body wraps.

Infrared Saunas

In traditional infrared saunas, the surrounding areas and ambient air gets heated. Such sauna sessions last up to 30 mins as individuals participating in them can not handle breathing in the hot air for a long time.

Infrared Pods

Infrared saunas use dry heat along with a combination of red light and infrared heat to heat up the pod. A sauna pod also provides vibratory massage for the ultimate relaxation of the individual participating in the session.

The pods heat up the body and the ambient air inside the cocoon and not the surrounding area in the treatment room. And the best part is that the individual taking part in the session can comfortably breathe in the room temperature air, which otherwise is not possible in the case of traditional saunas.

The results of FIT body wrap are different for different individuals. However, a person participating in infrared body wrap sessions can observe detoxification and pain relief effects after just one session.

However, if you want to see results on a deeper level like weight loss, healthier skin, lower stress levels, etc., you would require multiple treatment sessions as often as every alternate day.

We suggest you start with the FIT body wrap sessions and continue until your problems disappear and you feel completely fine again.

It is difficult to estimate how many calories are burned in a FIT body wrap session. However, sweating burns calories and an infrared body wrap session can produce 3-5 times more sweat than what regular exercise can do.

The number of calories burned in an infrared body wrap session depends on a variety of factors and this can differ from person to person and also from one session to the next. Some of these factors are mentioned below:

The type of body you have and how fast you burn calories

  • How well you are used to sweating
  • The present state of hydration in your body
  • How/what you have eaten recently
  • Appropriate application of Fit Booster spray
  • The temperature outside

Also keep in mind that a FIT Body wrap session can raise your metabolism for several hours after a session ends. Therefore, the increased calorie consumption can last for several hours.

Each FIT Body wrap session burns calories, increases your metabolism, flushes fat from fat cells, and lowers cortisol levels, so the weight you lose is not simply water weight. Instead, the weight you lose is fat loss (which is the hormone that makes you carry weight in your mid-section).

As a result of our recommendation to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your FIT Body Wrap session, there may not be any visible reduction in weight other than water weight loss right after the session.

The first half of a session is usually spent relaxing as the infrared heat begins to infiltrate your body. Within the first half hour, you will experience pain alleviation.

As soon as your core temperature reaches 100.5°, your heart rate will accelerate and you will begin to perspire heavily. When you are not feeling comfortable with something, this is the time when all of the benefits really start to begin.

It is also possible to reach that stage earlier in your session for a variety of reasons, such as on a particularly hot day or following a workout. It is then up to you to decide how long you desire to remain in the session if this is indeed the situation. Your benefits will be larger the longer your session lasts, though.

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you don’t sweat much because your body is still attempting to cool itself, which is what burns calories and gives other health benefits.

Please refer to the list of contraindications. You should consult your doctor before beginning your first FIT Bodywrap session if you have any of the conditions on this list.

If you have any questions, you should consult your physician before beginning a new programme. Don’t forget to inquire about any other medical issues or medications that may be relevant to your situation.

When used in conjunction with your FIT Body Wrap session, it has been designed to stimulate microcirculation and enhance the results of the treatment. It produces a barrier on your skin that forces your body to work harder in order to sweat, resulting in increased calorie expenditure. Make use of it before going to the gym, as well!

It also has skin-health benefits, including tightening, toning, moisturising, and reducing the appearance of cellulite, among other things.

Because the pores are opened, more nutrients may be absorbed during a FIT Bodywrap session. Why not get the most out of your session by incorporating FIT Booster into your daily routine?

Why do I need to wear a FIT Coat?

When used with infrared therapy, the FIT Coat is a jumpsuit composed of a non-porous material that helps to improve the results. Because of the heat generated by perspiration, water molecules within the coat are vaporised, providing a steam-like effect that will function to moisturise, exfoliate, and renew the dermis, resulting in skin that is tighter and smoother.

The coat forms a barrier between the client and the unit, as well as containing the majority of the sweat, resulting in a more hygienic experience during the FIT Bodywrap.

The inner is lined with mesh, which prevents the coat from adhering to your skin while also absorbing a significant amount of the perspiration you’ll produce, making your sessions more comfortable.

When used with infrared therapy, the FIT Coat is a jumpsuit composed of a non-porous material that helps to improve the results. Because of the heat generated by perspiration, water molecules within the coat are vaporised, providing a steam-like effect that will function to moisturise, exfoliate, and renew the dermis, resulting in skin that is tighter and smoother.

The coat forms a barrier between the client and the unit, as well as containing the majority of the sweat, resulting in a more hygienic experience during the FIT Bodywrap.

The inner is lined with mesh, which prevents the coat from adhering to your skin while also absorbing a significant amount of the perspiration you’ll produce, making your sessions more comfortable.

Body lotion with the FIT Radiance Complex is used on a regular basis to hydrate the skin while also working to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. It is developed to reduce the appearance of cellulite while also increasing skin firmness, which helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (It is extremely beneficial when used on its own or in conjunction with infrared therapy sessions.)

Product lines from the FIT Rx range are of the highest quality and are specially blended to improve any body treatment or service provided by a professional (Ex: infrared sessions, massage and other body treatments).

Clients can select a combination of highly concentrated additives (up to all five) to be applied via massage or self-application prior to their infrared session or other body treatment service based on the specific aims for the treatment they desire.

The FIT body wrap emits infrared heat having a wavelength of 5-15 microns which is the same wavelength as emitted by the sun and human body. The infrared rays penetrate the skin cells deep up to 1.5” and warms the body without warming the air around the person taking the therapy.

The infrared rays emitted from a FIT body wrap is equivalent to its natural alternative, making it a safe option for use, but you need to follow a few necessary criterions before taking a therapy session.

Infrared therapy used in the FIT body wrap is proven to have a variety of therapeutic effects. FIT body wraps are used to help the body get rid of excess fluids and toxins, improving the texture and appearance of the skin. Detoxification, body contouring, temporary inch loss, skin tightening, lymphatic system and metabolism stimulation, and skin softening are all possible benefits of body wrap treatments.

However, body wraps cause you to sweat a lot, and it is crucial to drink lots of water before, during, and after your treatment. Also, pregnant women and women who are trying to get pregnant should not go for the FIT body wrap programme.

Also, we suggest you go through the list of contraindications, and if you have any of the issues mentioned in that list or any other medical conditions, you must consult your doctor before taking a FIT body wrap session.

There is not enough research that indicates that infrared heat generated by the FIT body wrap can damage or induce alterations in breast implants. However, industry experts say that breast implants can withstand temperatures that are safe for the human body. So, an infrared body treatment should not harm implants.

Silicone can melt at 392°F (200°C), and saline implants only explode if they are exposed to heat above 200°F (93.33°C). The temperature of most infrared body wraps or saunas can reach 130°F (54.4°C), and it can also be modified throughout the session.

Though you may feel that your implants become warm during the session, they will get back to the regular body temperature after the session. So, your infrared session should never be that hot to damage your implants.

Also, some infrared body wraps allow the breast area to be turned off throughout the session. And if you still have questions or doubts about the FIT body wraps, you should consult with their surgeon to ensure that such sessions are safe for you.

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, do not use a FIT body wrap. We do not recommend infrared treatments for pregnant ladies.

According to experts, a pregnant woman’s core body temperature should not surpass 102.2° F (38° C). And during FIT body wraps, the temperature can reach up to 130°F (54.4°C). Increasing the body temperature of a pregnant woman can increase the risk of miscarriage and may also cause spinal disorders during early pregnancy.

Throughout history, infrared heat has been extensively investigated and applied. Thermal therapy can even be traced back to ancient civilizations, including the Finns, Romans, Indians, and the Chinese, who are the most well-known practitioners of infrared therapy today. In India, yogis have long been known to use infrared palm healing to relieve eye strain, among other ailments. More than 700,000 infrared thermal systems have been marketed in Asia alone. In Asia, Europe, and Austria, localised infrared treatment has been administered to more than 30 million patients.

Sir William Herschel, a British astronomer who lived in the late 1700s, began studying the planets and stars in earnest. At some point, he began to construct reflecting telescopes. While using coloured filters to observe sunlight passing through prisms in the 1800s, Herschel made the discovery of infrared by testing the individual temperatures of each colour and measuring the temperature just beyond the red portion of the spectrum, which was just beyond the red portion of the spectrum (where no sunlight was visible). During this process, he discovered that the temperature in the infrared zone was the highest of all. As a result, the discovery that there is light that we cannot see with our eyes and that infrared manifests itself as heat was made.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, an American physician, scientist, and proponent of holistic health therapies, founded what we would term a wellness centre shortly after Hershel’s discoveries were made public. The clinic emphasised diet, exercise, and holistic health care, among other things. Despite the fact that he was not the inventor, it was around this time that Dr. Kellogg began employing horizontal cabinets for his patients to sit in and submerge their bodies in heat in order to induce sweating and improve healing.

The FIT Bodywrap device, which delivers infrared therapy, has been the subject of considerable clinical research over the last few decades, which has established a wide range of possible wellness benefits. Dr. Aaron Flickstein, the Clinical Director of FIT Bodywrap, was responsible for a large portion of that research.

IR heat is a type of heat that exists within the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a spectrum of light radiation that includes infrared heat. Radiation, to be sure! Radiation, on the other hand, is not always harmful! The term radiation simply refers to the release of energy in the form of moving waves or flowing particles, and it has no other meaning.

The radiation we absorb from the electromagnetic spectrum is regarded to be non-harmful and naturally occurring radiation by scientists. It covers everything from radio waves to ultraviolet rays, microwaves, and colour to name a few elements. This is a process that occurs in the natural world. The earth emits radiation, and as a result, all living organisms on the globe are exposed to this radiation.

Infrared light is a type of light that we cannot see but can feel as heat. Infrared energy can be found in your natural body heat, the heat from a campfire, and even the warmth we receive from the sun. Every day, we are exposed to modest amounts of this completely harmless and natural heat. Because our bodies also create infrared heat, infrared heat can be safely absorbed by the body.

Infrared heat can be classified into three categories, or wavelengths. Even though our sun’s output is a mixture of all three of these wavelengths, the human body specifically emits far infrared radiation.

Near infrared light penetrates deep into the skin and can be beneficial for skin issues. This is the type of infrared heat that you experience in a sauna.

Mid-infrared light penetrates a little deeper to promote better circulation.

Far infrared heats the body directly, rather than the air surrounding it, as opposed to conventional heat. It has the ability to penetrate deeply into the body (up to 1.5″), allowing it to give the greatest number of benefits.

It is far infrared heat that is used in the FIT Bodywrap, which allows it to penetrate the body more deeply, boosting circulation and generating sweat, while also giving wellness advantages such as pain treatment, weight loss, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, relaxation, and many other benefits.

When it comes to the wellness sector, infrared is one of the most rapidly increasing trends, and it is springing up in a wide variety of enterprises, from boutique spas and premium fitness studios to wellness centres and salons.

Jennifer Aniston, who is believed to be a fan of infrared treatments and who specifically utilises them to wind-down after a workout, is also a fan of the procedure. Gwyneth Paltrow has also written extensively on the health advantages of this supplement.

According to a report published in the Canadian Family Physician, the official magazine of the College of Family physicians of Canada, the global market for infrared technology alone is anticipated to be a $75 million market that is “expanding rapidly.”

High-end sweat spas or sweat lodges, which are businesses that specialises primarily in infrared body wraps or saunas, are frequented by celebrities from the East coast to the West coast. Similar services can be provided by other salons, spas, and wellness centres, making a popular treatment favoured by celebrities far more accessible to the general public. As the popularity of infrared treatments rises, you can expect customers to begin looking for infrared treatments in their neighbourhood.

When a provider purchases the system, they will be given intensive training in how to use it.

Once you have purchased your FIT Bodywrap system, you will be able to access our Certified Provider training course online.

An optional 20-minute staff training video is also available for your convenience, and it contains all of the information your staff members will need to educate your clients as well as sell sessions and retail products.

As an alternative to our online training choices, we can arrange for personalised training Q&A sessions with all of our staff members through Skype or conference call if requested.

Our marketing training with the owner(s), manager(s), or marketing team will evaluate marketing alternatives, share best practices, and discuss session pricing and promotional opportunities with our Providers who understand the value of marketing their system.

The best part is that all of our training is included with the purchase of your system! Any type of ongoing training is provided at no additional cost to you.

All of the providers featured on our locator are certified by the FIT Bodywrap Institute of America.

Once a provider has successfully completed our Certified Provider Training Course, they are designated as a Certified Provider and are listed on our website’s provider locator.

If you have finished this course and do not see your business mentioned, please contact us so that we can get your location added to our database.

Each site listed must have a qualified owner or manager who is actively involved in the operation of the place in order to maintain certification for the location.

Certified Providers can go onto our website’s Partner Portal to have access to our Partner Resource Centre, which is accessible to everyone.

Hundreds of downloadable resources, manuals, guidelines, and training webinars are available in the Resource Centre. New materials are being added on a regular basis.

Providers are also free to utilise any content uploaded on our website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in their marketing efforts, as long as it is properly attributed to us.

We are unable to generate specific marketing materials for our providers; however, if you contact our Support & Training team, we can provide advice on how to advertise FIT Bodywrap to your clients as well as tools for creating your own marketing materials quickly and easily.

The FIT Bodywrap system consists of three parts: the controller, the body wrap, and the arm wraps.

In addition, FIT Bodywrap assures that the controller will be free of any faults in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. This product is backed by a six-month warranty period on both the body wrap and arm wrap.

Certified Providers should expect to replace their body wraps and arm wraps on a regular basis, depending on how often they are used, the area in which they are used, and other considerations. With regular maintenance, you should expect to replace them once a year with normal usage if you maintain them properly.

To clean your FIT Bodywrap, use a disinfectant that has been approved for use in hospitals. PREempt or any hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant of hospital grade quality is recommended.

It is critical that you avoid using any cleaning products that contain alcohol, since this might cause the material to become brittle and crack.

For cleaning the trim portions of the wrap, we recommend using Resolve stain remover.

To clean the velcro, a velcro cleaning brush can be used to remove any debris that has accumulated.

Proper storage is an important aspect that is frequently forgotten. While not in use, make sure that the blanket and arm wraps are carefully cleaned and that they are securely fastened in place. This will assist in reducing stress on the areas where the wraps fold, which will be beneficial. A wall-mounted FIT Controller or a table or shelf adjacent should be used as a location for the controller. Customers should never walk around or over the cords that are in place.

After every session, make sure to thoroughly clean your FIT Bodywrap.

We also propose extensive cleaning on a weekly basis, as well as maintenance inspections once a month.

Maintenance on a daily basis — Following each session:

Step 1: Unroll the body wrap and arm wraps entirely to reveal the contents. Remove any garbage from the wrap and wipe away any leftover residue with a clean towel.

Step 2: Using a hospital-grade hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant (we recommend PREempt), saturate the wrap and arms extensively, following the manufacturer’s directions for the length of time the cleaner should be left on.

Step 3: Wipe away the disinfectant with a clean towel to finish.

Step 4: Wipe away any chemical or cleaner residue with a clean, moist cloth to finish.

After you’ve finished drying the wrap, make sure to wipe the outside of it down with a damp cloth before closing it.

Maintenance should be performed on a weekly basis.

Cords should be inspected and detangled to ensure that they are fully and correctly plugged in.

To maintain optimal cleanliness, it is advised that you deep clean at least once each week. We recommend that you do this at the end of the night so that the room and wraps have time to air out before the next morning.

Maintenance is performed on a monthly basis.

Run a session to ensure that each heating zone is functioning properly.

Observe the wrap or trim on the outside for scuffs, stains, or other damage that can be cleaned using a foaming cleanser like Resolve. If you accidentally get this cleaning product on the vinyl inside of your wrap, it can cause the vinyl to dry up and become cracked.

Using a disinfectant-soaked clean cloth, carefully wash down the controller, making sure to get into any crevices where your employees or consumers may have had their fingers caught.

To eliminate dust buildup from the fan and vents of the controller, blow compressed air into the area.

Using a wire brush to clean the Velcro, remove any debris that has accumulated. Make sure not to damage or scuff the vinyl with your fingers.

Similarly to light bulbs or car tyres, body wraps and arm wraps are goods that will begin to exhibit symptoms of wear and tear after a certain amount of time has passed.

Certified Providers should expect to replace their body wraps and arm wraps on a regular basis, depending on how often they are used, the area in which they are used, and other considerations. With regular maintenance, you should expect to replace them once a year with normal usage if you maintain them properly.

In the event that a technical problem arises, our technical support staff is there to assist you! The majority of troubleshooting may be done over the phone, and any repairs that are required are completed in-house by our technicians.

The majority of repairs are done within three business days, ensuring that customers experience the least amount of downtime possible.

If you have any issues about technology, please call us and we will help you with every information.

Infrared Body Wraps