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Anti- Cellulite Body Wrap

How INFRARED BODY WRAP can increase your wellness business’s revenue without YOU breaking a sweat (as it has in mine)

Hi!! I am Amanda. Welcome to my site.

This is my own story, but it could be any of my clients.

When I found out about infrared body wraps, I was in the mood to say,

“I don’t have time,” “I am too tired after work,” or “I am too stressed to stick to a diet.”

Being diagnosed with prediabetes was just another challenge to overcome.

These things kept me from going to the gym or following a healthy diet.

I am the kind of person who likes to “speak by experience”. I need to test the treatments before I recommend them to others.

So, I had a regular course of Infrared body wrap treatments that gave me a a boost of energy

Furthermore, my treatments resulted in numerous health benefits and weight loss.
My body, skin, legs, back pain, health, everything improved!

The treatment has been on my salon’s menu for the last four years. Many clients with
fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, mental health issues, muscle pain, and stress-induced
have improved their health and weight.

Now this story can be yours.


Choose your device now! This is how it helps your business

INFRARED BODY WRAP reduces inches, but as a bonus:

● It does not take much space.

● It does not require staff.

● It burns 1400 calories in 50 minutes.

● It’s safe.

● It’s effective from the first session.

● 0 discomfort.

● It’s affordable.

● It’s easy to use.

● It reduces a dress size

All while lying down in your own private room, where you can listen to your favourite music or watch TV.

This is what happens during your Infrared Body Wrap

Did you know fat melts at around 44°C? So, the therapy heats your body to the point where your fat melts like butter in a saucepan.Then this “butter” flows to the body’s drainage system.

Now imagine you have a blockage in your pipes. Entrapped oil cools back down to solid butter, causing an even greater clog.

An Infrared body wrap is the best detoxifier because it melts the fat and cleans the pipes.It penetrates twice as deep as other heat sources. But it also removes heavy metals and other pollutants (the clog) seven times faster than saunas, steam rooms, and mineral wraps.

Sweating consumes a lot of energy, but chilling your body down requires even more.Infrared body wrap creates 3–5 times more sweat than exercise alone.When you hit 39°C or higher, your body works hard to cool you down.

That work burns 1400 calories in 50 minutes.
This calorie loss is equivalent to running 12-18 kilometres.

Also, the metabolism keeps working for up to 36-48 hours post-treatment, allowing you to burn
calories at a higher rate.

Immediately visible results can be seen after just one treatment. You can lose a size after
6–10 treatments.


“I do not usually write reviews, however the Far Infrared Body Wrap Treatment at Hypoxi Ascot has changed my life. I suffer from MS, Fibromyalgia, hypertension, Diabetes, Non alcoholic fatty liver etc (endless list). Started the Far Infrared over a week ago, had four sessions and never felt so pain free and alive. This has not only helped with my constant pain, energy levels, sleep, blood circulation and blood pressure but has the added effect of detoxification, skin purification with anti-aging, fat reduction weight loss and importantly relaxation. A complete game changer highly recommended, wish I’d heard about it earlier could have saved me from years of discomfort and pain.”

Nazia Rajput. 31/01/22

Good reasons to follow my advice

Infrared body wraps are gaining popularity in spas and salons worldwide.

Many celebrities are going crazy over it, and so will you.

However, it’s not the press and media that convinced me, but rather my BSc in Health Sciences, which enabled me to conduct outstanding research.

I have become a firm believer because it’s backed by science and because I have seen the results for myself and my clients

A good reputation is the only asset, especially when living in a small town.

Running a beauty business and making it profitable is not easy; I’ve been running mine for 15 years.

Treating my clients for so long has given me several advantages: I know them very well; they also trust me and my business. I wouldn’t mess this up ever.

Finding staff is another challenge to add to your busy day.

That’s why I’ve been offering infrared body wraps to my clients for four years. The treatments work, and they are cost-effective. Definitely a win-win.

Performing treatments myself gives me first-hand feedback. These are just a few examples of what I hear about infrared body wrap treatment:

“Dear Amanda, just wanted to say how good it was and felt to see you again…a sense of normality…I am so glad you were good enough for your business to survive…you are not just my beauty therapist, you are a wise and genuine lady that I have learned to trust over the years…Thanks” xxMartine

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