Is FIT Body Wrap safe to use for someone with breast implants?

There is not enough research that indicates that infrared heat generated by the FIT body wrap can damage or induce alterations in breast implants. However, industry experts say that breast implants can withstand temperatures that are safe for the human body. So, an infrared body treatment should not harm implants.

Silicone can melt at 392°F (200°C), and saline implants only explode if they are exposed to heat above 200°F (93.33°C). The temperature of most infrared body wraps or saunas can reach 130°F (54.4°C), and it can also be modified throughout the session.

Though you may feel that your implants become warm during the session, they will get back to the regular body temperature after the session. So, your infrared session should never be that hot to damage your implants.

Also, some infrared body wraps allow the breast area to be turned off throughout the session. And if you still have questions or doubts about the FIT body wraps, you should consult with their surgeon to ensure that such sessions are safe for you.