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Best FIT Coats

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Accelerate your results during any infrared treatment.

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This one-time-use, disposable garment is designed to enhance the results of infrared sessions by creating a barrier between the client and the unit, increasing sweat production (thus, burning more calories).

As sweat is produced the heat will evaporate water molecules inside of the FIT Coat, creating a steam-like effect that will act to moisturize, exfoliate and regenerate the dermis resulting in tighter and smoother skin.

The FIT Coat has gone through rigorous product development and testing to contain most of the sweat produced during a session, thus significantly reducing clean-up.

Designed for clients of all sizes, the FIT Coat is made with soft mesh on the inside and a non-porous material on the outside to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.


Infrared Body Wraps