Why do I need to use the FIT Booster spray?

When used in conjunction with your FIT Body Wrap session, it has been designed to stimulate microcirculation and enhance the results of the treatment. It produces a barrier on your skin that forces your body to work harder in order to sweat, resulting in increased calorie expenditure. Make use of it before going to the gym, as well!

It also has skin-health benefits, including tightening, toning, moisturising, and reducing the appearance of cellulite, among other things.

Because the pores are opened, more nutrients may be absorbed during a FIT Bodywrap session. Why not get the most out of your session by incorporating FIT Booster into your daily routine?

Why do I need to wear a FIT Coat?

When used with infrared therapy, the FIT Coat is a jumpsuit composed of a non-porous material that helps to improve the results. Because of the heat generated by perspiration, water molecules within the coat are vaporised, providing a steam-like effect that will function to moisturise, exfoliate, and renew the dermis, resulting in skin that is tighter and smoother.

The coat forms a barrier between the client and the unit, as well as containing the majority of the sweat, resulting in a more hygienic experience during the FIT Bodywrap.

The inner is lined with mesh, which prevents the coat from adhering to your skin while also absorbing a significant amount of the perspiration you’ll produce, making your sessions more comfortable.