What type of training is available for providers?

When a provider purchases the system, they will be given intensive training in how to use it.

Once you have purchased your FIT Bodywrap system, you will be able to access our Certified Provider training course online.

An optional 20-minute staff training video is also available for your convenience, and it contains all of the information your staff members will need to educate your clients as well as sell sessions and retail products.

As an alternative to our online training choices, we can arrange for personalised training Q&A sessions with all of our staff members through Skype or conference call if requested.

Our marketing training with the owner(s), manager(s), or marketing team will evaluate marketing alternatives, share best practices, and discuss session pricing and promotional opportunities with our Providers who understand the value of marketing their system.

The best part is that all of our training is included with the purchase of your system! Any type of ongoing training is provided at no additional cost to you.