How many calories can I burn in a session?

It is difficult to estimate how many calories are burned in a FIT body wrap session. However, sweating burns calories and an infrared body wrap session can produce 3-5 times more sweat than what regular exercise can do.

The number of calories burned in an infrared body wrap session depends on a variety of factors and this can differ from person to person and also from one session to the next. Some of these factors are mentioned below:

The type of body you have and how fast you burn calories

  • How well you are used to sweating
  • The present state of hydration in your body
  • How/what you have eaten recently
  • Appropriate application of Fit Booster spray
  • The temperature outside

Also keep in mind that a FIT Body wrap session can raise your metabolism for several hours after a session ends. Therefore, the increased calorie consumption can last for several hours.