How are body wraps, saunas, and pods different from each other?

FIT body wraps

The FIT body wraps use far infrared to warm the body, and it does not heat up the surrounding areas. FIT body wrap sessions last up to 60 mins, and an individual can breathe in the room temperature while relaxing and enjoying the benefits.

Far infrared penetrates deeper into the dermis up to 1.5”, providing maximum benefits to the body. Cellulite reduction, weight loss, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, relaxation, etc., are some of the benefits provided by FIT body wraps.

Infrared Saunas

In traditional infrared saunas, the surrounding areas and ambient air gets heated. Such sauna sessions last up to 30 mins as individuals participating in them can not handle breathing in the hot air for a long time.

Infrared Pods

Infrared saunas use dry heat along with a combination of red light and infrared heat to heat up the pod. A sauna pod also provides vibratory massage for the ultimate relaxation of the individual participating in the session.

The pods heat up the body and the ambient air inside the cocoon and not the surrounding area in the treatment room. And the best part is that the individual taking part in the session can comfortably breathe in the room temperature air, which otherwise is not possible in the case of traditional saunas.